A far cry from London...

I've been meaning to start a blog for a while now, but have always found the idea of it quite indulgent, so I've waited until I found something worth sharing.  

This month my work has been a little less routine than usual… I have a habit of throwing myself in the deep end and seeing what happens (something I need to grow out of)… and I've sure done that this month. I've ended up lugging my equipment around a Spanish speaking country with limited infrastructure, unpleasantly hot days and a lot of mosquitoes. And all in search for some photographic inspiration.

I say this, whilst lying in my hammock in a hostel on the Colombian coast… so it can't be so bad. My Spanish is, apparently, improving and I'm finally managing to hold a conversation with some of the locals, which I'm finding very exciting.

In between assignments for travel agencies, I've found myself drawn to capturing the working lives of the Colombian people, and all their diversities. I've always believed people make a place. If you believe that too, Colombia is one of the most special places you'll ever go to. Despite my limited Spanish, I've managed to meet and spend time with some incredible people here… One by one I'd like to post a portrait of some of these people and I hope they offer a little insight into their lives, a far cry from our lives back in London.